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My TBG family at Loose Screws 2013
The last weekend in February represented 8 years on the scene for me, 8 years from the first time I saw breaking. I still remember Shawn J coming to Mary’s Saturday morning “hip hop” class at Georgia Dance Conservatory. He was the first bboy I ever saw. He told us about a jam called Loose Screws happening that night in Lithonia, Georgia. I, a high school senior at the time, miraculously convinced my mother to let me drive the 2+ hours to this middle-of-nowhere dance studio where the battle was being held. While that first night is now a blur of movement and feelings of awe, there are a couple of things that still stick out sharply in my mind: namely, feet. I was mesmerized by their feet. That night I was introduced to Doboi and Zapper–two of the bboys who would shape my training.

My prelim battle at Loose Screws 2013
Fast forward 8 years, and here I am, competing at Loose Screws 14 with a TBB crewmate. And the crew throwing the jam? Yup, that’s my crew too–HBO Crew for life. The jam is packed with people. Our ears are blessed by the sounds of four DJs, notably Alphatrion and Ethical who have DJ’d the majority of Loose Screws over the years. I cypher the night away at this 14-hour marathon jam. I must say, those who came out definitely got their money’s worth in terms of cypher time with additional bonuses like performances from the funk bank Heavy Chevy and Dungeon Family member Backbone.
Don Tony TBB and I at Rob Nasty's workshop the night before the jam
Though the event ran late into the night–perhaps too late for some–it embodied something that many events today are missing; it was a JAM. The competition (both breaking and all styles) was almost an after thought to the party and the cypher. I had a great time, and I can’t wait for next year!

Shout outs to the winners (5 Crew Dynasty–NYC), my first crew HBO, my TBB/TBG family who supported in droves, team Madclout (it’s not an ATL jam without you!), everyone who battled, everyone who danced, everyone who spectated, Rob Nasty for an excellent rocking workshop the night before, Steps for battling with me, and to anyone else who doesn’t fall into one of those categories who was somehow a part of the event. Thank you for a memorable, fun, exhausting weekend.


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