Bgirl Vital

Angelica A. Garcia aka Bgirl Vital comes from the Midwest Windy City. Vital has been dancing for 7 years now and was the first female to join the all element hip hop crew Sour Apples.  Many know her as Lil’ Vitals because of her petite figure, however, Vital became her Bgirl identity as the word vital is also defined as “full of energy” which is exactly what she brings to the table. Hip hop was always part of her life, and the Southside of Chicago is where her true roots are from. It wasn’t until the year of 2008 that she fell in love with breaking and took on being a Bgirl. Vital has done a good handful of performances, battles (both in and outside of Chicago) and breaking lessons for the youth. She strives to become a well-rounded Bgirl so that she can take on anyone! This is Vital’s first time being a part of an all female crew and is excited to bring what she has for Goddistas. Being a part of the hip hop community and a Bgirl for her is well let’s just say vital to her life!

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