Bgirl Dalki all the way from Hong Kong Reppin’ Goddistas Crew!  Bgirl Dalki has been dancing for over 8 years.  She is also part of USC, the first all women Breaking crew in Hong Kong.  She has represented women in Hong Kong both through battling and organizing battles for the scene.  She traveled with her crew to El La Katrina and Bboy ManOfGod’s Breakin’ The Law: International Festival of Urban Movement in 2007 and battled in both the crew and 1×1 Bgirl Battles.  This was the first time Dalki and El La Katrina met.  Years later Dalki and ManOfGod became engaged!  In 2013, she moved to Chicago for a summer and she and The Goddistas began to practice and create together.  She performed at The National Women’s Music Festival with The Goddistas that summer and was put down in the crew.  Bgirl Dalki has overcome many things in her life to keep pushing her love of Hip Hop and Breaking forward.  This past year, she had surgery and is quickly recovering to come back to the scene even stronger – mind, body, spirit!

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