Basement Kings 2 Year Anniversary Jam (Milwaukee, WI) x MadSkills 7 (Madison, WI)

Walking into the Basement Kings 2 Year Anniversary Jam, we didn’t have the highest expectations for a mind-blowing jam experience.  We went to support this young crew’s first jam and to have fun.  We drove into the parking lot of the auto-body shop where the jam was held and entered into a musty, carpeted room with two linoleum floors and DJ Yosha (Heeehe! Hahhhha!) standing shirtless over a DJ Nu-Mark system.

However, we were pleasantly surprised by the energy of the jam.  Wisco was out in support and cats from Chicago rode the Roldare train down to build and vibe out.  Mad respect to Roldare Nation for always supporting the Wisco scene and working to build bridges between Chicago and Wisconsin – Roldare is at almost every jam, bringing youth who might not have the opportunity to travel as much without the free van rides.


This sense of community support raised the energy at the jam and made the battles hype.  Everyone there was about having fun.  The jam brought out our inner kids and got us playing around with new commandos and movement.  We can’t remember the last time we had that much fun battling.  All three Midwest based Goddistas repped on the floor.  We all lost our Top 16 Battles to the two crews that made it to the finals.  Sway battled with Zoong and lost to Brickheadz’ BeestBoy & Chikis.  EduKate & El La Katrina lost to Gravity Benders’ Duka & Chosen.  Good battle company brought out the fun and the flavor in our rounds.

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After the jam BeestBoy decided to hop the Goddista express to Madtown for MadSkills 7 the next day.  Part of the jam experience for us has always been about building community.  We were extra hype to build with one of the youngest members of the legendary Brickheadz crew and see what the next gen was up to.  We conversed over All-You-Can-Eat sushi and introduced BeestBoy to sake while talking about the scene, life, and working with youth.  After parting ways with our Goddista sista Sway, we headed back to Madison and ended up at Jolly Bobs with DJ Vilas Park Sniper for some reggae and dancehall heaven.  We were all a bit sore and licking our battle wounds from earlier in the day.  While bboys and bgirls aren’t known for being wallflowers, all three of us found a good place to post up, bob our heads, and relax.  The night was super chill except for the one time BeestBoy almost got slapped by the girl who was hellified pissed that he wouldn’t dance with her.


We started the next morning with ginger shots and green juice, and headed to MadSkills 7 at the Windows of Worlds Community Arts Festival.  The weather was perfect for an outdoor jam and the vibe was chill.  Goddistas had to work this one with El La Katrina hosting on the mic and EduKate judging with Mijo (Motion Disorderz) and ManOfGod on the decks.  With the small number of competitors, we decided to switch it up and made all the prelim rounds start with a Tops only set.  We thought this change-up would be a good exercise in well roundedness and get the largely “up-and-coming” dancers to feel the music while educating the crowd on the intricacies of our dance.  We couldn’t help ourselves but joke with Yosha (Gravity Benders’ infamous powerhead) before his toprocks only round, but, truthfully, he did his thing, and it pleasantly surprised us all.

The Roldare train was on schedule that weekend with daily trips between Chicago and Wisconsin for both battles.  While Sunday jams can be difficult for folks traveling, we had hoped for more local support from the Madison area.  The Milwaukee up-and-coming gen (Basement Kings) showed that they are interested in learning and moving toward a time when they can take up leadership roles in the scene.  Dope.  As two Madison-based bgirls, we hope to see the younger gen in Madison following suit.


Congrats to the Weekend in Review Winners:

Basement Kings 2 Year Anniversary Jam

Gravity Benders Crew – Duka & Chosen

 MadSkills 7

Gravity Benders Crew – Yosha

MadSkills 7 Runners Up Battle Winner

Dance Maniacz – Joefishy





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